Cold Blooded Productions Inc. is an East Village (NYC) based entertainment services business focused on nightclubs and cultures. Begun in 1983 as a music publisher for downtown DJ Johnny Dynell, our tiny company soon branched off into shows, soundtracks, music releases, DJ services, spectacles and festivals and more. You probably have never heard of CBP, but you’ve no doubt heard of our people and projects – mythic 1990’s nightclub Jackie 60, Dynell’s fashion show soundtracks for designers from Marc Jacobs to Max Mara, annual spectacle Night of 1000 Stevies and so many more.

Our nightclub and events wing is produced and directed by The Jackie Factory – our producer’s collaborative helmed by Dynell and his creative partner Chi Chi Valenti. CBP provides all the “behind the curtain” services like publicity, logistics, billing and the maze of paperwork that goes with all of it.

Cold Blooded Productions Inc and our label Endless Night Music are represented by ASCAP for publishing and The Orchard for digital royalties. Popular works include Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock), Una Notte a Napoli (with Pink Martini) and Elements of Vogue (with House of Xtravaganza).